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    SubjectRe: Slashdot shitheads

    On Wed, 12 May 1999 wrote:

    > Why was the release of 2.3.0 kernel announced on slashdot? Now we'll get
    > clueless fuckwits installing broken 2.3.x kernels and complaining loudly
    > that it sucks simply because they don't realise it is a DEVELOPMENT
    > kernel!
    > The press release on slashdot made no distinction between the 2.2.x and
    > 2.3.x kernels, unfortunately.
    > How about we break 2.3.1 (intrdouce some serious disk corruption) to teach
    > them the errors of their ways!

    Definitely tempting idea, but... It Would Be Wrong ;-< Hey, wait! What
    about dropping connections to SplashSnort IP addresses? OTOH... Nah. Will
    not work. Most of them are using Windows or Macs anyway... Sigh...

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