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    SubjectRe: Linux & NFS caching: reducing TCO
    Colin Hirsch <> writes:

    > Is there any way to let the clients use a "proper" caching (even if just
    > for ro mounted /usr or so)? This could just make all the difference...
    > In such a case it might be necessary to let the server be able to send a kind
    > of invalidate message to the clients if something changes (I thought of keeping
    > data in cache for tens of minutes). This whole setup obviously relies on only
    > few changes and only makes sense for e.g. /usr but _not_ /home.

    That would not be NFS. NFS is stateless: the server neither knows nor
    cares what the clients are caching.

    Feel free to invent your own protocol, but beware that the sort of
    thing you're proposing will most likely place a very heavy burden on
    both the server and your network.


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