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SubjectCouple of questions 1 real stupid - sorry

First an apology for the really stupid question I'll start with...I'm
just drawing a complete blank here.

System Info:
Gateway 9100XL Notebook
Pentium 350MHz
384 MB RAM
8.1 GB Hard Disk
all Linux with 768MB of Swap partitions (6 x 128)
120MB SuperDisk Drive
Xircom CE 10/100 Ethernet PCMCIA Adapter
Caldera OpenLinux 1..3
kernel 2.0.35

First the stupid question....

1) How do I mount the floppy drive /dev/fd0 I've tried

mount -t umsdos /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy

with NO success using either a SuperDisk or 1.44MB standard floppy
formatted under WIN98. What the %^*&% am I missing??

2) Has anyone got PCMCIA working on a system like this? I've got it
enabled in the kernel but it doesn't seem to see any cards and running
cardmgr by hand get me a "no entries in /proc/devices" error in the

3) Is the SuperDisk and the Xircom Ethernet supported in the PCMCIA

4) What do I select for a Mouse and Video Adapter for X-Windows or kde
here to get the built in Display and the little glide point thingy
working I can't seem to get the mouse responding at all and am unsure
on the video also.

5) What type of sound drivers do I need to get that working here...I
haven't tried to address this much up til now but since I'm

6) Is there any DVD Support for the DVD that is here as well? Not a
necessity but it sure would be nice to have....

These are my five (or 6) core critical issues here, once I'm past
these I can get the rest of the system going (I hope). I've done alot
of Linux on "standard" machines but never on a notebook....


===[George R. Kasica]=== +1 414 541 8579
President +1 800 520 4873 FAX
Netwrx Consulting Inc. West Allis, WI USA
ICQ #12862186

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