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SubjectRe: ext3 to include capabilities?

It's true.

Using NFS with some router or firewalling restrictions could be suficient to
have your system safe and prevent NFS-attacks.

Only do a list with the ports must be avilable to INET and close the rest
to the list of IPs must have access. Of course the system is not safe if
it's not
the rest of machines. You can talk about security in a network if all
system is sure,
not only a machine.


At 09.58 8/4/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Andreas Siegert wrote:
>> Capabilities are there to increase security. Anyone who seriously wants
>> security will not use NFS.
>No, many security installations use NFS internally. There are
>several implementaions of capabilities across NFS (none
>of which work together, alas) commercially avalable today.
>The NSA evaluated version of Trusted Irix included NFS
>for use in a controlled environment.
>Those of us who take security seriously are freqently bitten
>by those who say that no one who takes security seriously
>would us something. If I took security seriously, I wouldn't
>use a telephone, right?
>Casey Schaufler voice: (650) 933-1634
> fax: (650) 933-0170
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