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SubjectRe: caps in elf, next itteration (the hack get's bigger)
"David L. Parsley (lkml account)" <> writes:

> OK, I think I know a good way to improve 3 aspects of my previous
> solution:

I've not seen this patch but I've seen a bit of the old patches. I've
a big problem with changing the signalture (the first four bytes).
This should not be done and definitely is completely unnecessary.

What should be done instead is registering an OS ABI and an ABI
version. The draft for the ELF standard revision defines bytes 7 and
8 of the ELF header for this purpose. This information is as easy to
read the the signature in the first four bytes.

So, any solution should there be implemented as follows:


I could probably do this if it's wanted

- Linux specific ABIVERSIONS should defined. Leave zero as the default
and define


then recognize the value one for this byte.

For more information see the ELF draft or elf.h in glibc 2.1.

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