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    SubjectPlease!! Help me to help us to use WinModems in Linux

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    <DIV>A brief Introduction<BR>I am a Windoze user, programmer, system
    administrator. compitent in C/C++,<BR>Delphi, Visual Basic and more. I also am a
    little more than a newbe to linux<BR>with several computers running Windows
    version x and Linux mostlly using<BR>Lucent Viking modems.<BR><BR>I have been
    trying to make these work in linux and have been reading all of<BR>the topics
    from several mailing lists with very little help until I found<BR>someone saying
    that this modem was all software driven (duh I knew that) and<BR>that the
    drivers were somekind of seceret (did not know that can't even see<BR>how, sence
    i found them?) and that they were not available. Well as of now i<BR>have the
    technology (drivers source code) to make the drivers required to<BR>run my
    modem. I can recreate the drivers for windozs make new ones for DOS<BR>(also not
    &quot;supported&quot; by the vendor) but i have no ability to program
    in<BR>Linux and don't even know where to start. The drivers would need to do
    3<BR>major things<BR><BR>1. initialize the device maybee at a very early stage
    the ports are turned<BR>off until initialize is complete and successful.<BR>2.
    process every 32bit word before being sent to the modem.<BR>3. process every
    32bit word after being recieved by the modem.<BR><BR>I think this might be
    slightly off topic but am not sure I know that i have<BR>seen this and simalar
    topics on this and a few other mailing lists.&nbsp; sorry<BR>for any
    inconvience.please feel free to respond even if you don't know how<BR>to do this
    as I learn from every comment<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
    Thank you<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <A
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