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SubjectRe: /usr/src/linux/Documentation/Changes

On Wed, 7 Apr 1999, Fred Reimer wrote:

> running RedHat, but I also ran Debian, and long ago slackware and SLS. What
> about if the maintainers of a particular module included make options to
> make the appropriate package type, but still deliver them in tar.gz format?
> In other words, the could have been a rpm make target that would make the
> appropriate rpm. There could also have been a srcrpm make target to make a
> source rpm, or a deb make target to make a Debian package, etc. That way,
> for those who wanted to use rpm's or deb's or whatever, all they would have
> to do is untar it and then run one make command to get the package type of
> their choice. Those who don't use packages can happily ignore the extra
> cruft that is included for package users...
> Good idea?

Maybe. Except that most of the stuff will be duplicated in all
packages for no good reason. make understands include. Put the common
stuff into /usr/share/mk/ so that one could include it instead of

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