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    SubjectSystem is too big
    I wanted to compile the kernel (2.0.36) on my P2 300 with 163840 kb
    memory. make dep; make clean; make zImage are done without any warnings
    or errors. But only until the end of make zImage. These are the last
    eight lines I always receive:

    Root device is (3,3)
    Boot sector 512 bytes.
    Setup is 4416 bytes.
    System is 526 kb
    System is too big
    make [1]: *** [zImage] Error 1
    make [1]: Leaving dirctory /usr/src/linux/.../boot
    make [1]: *** [zImage] Error 2

    I don´t know what to do. I´d pleased if anybody can help me. Thanx!!!

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