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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.2.5 <-> BSDI 4.0
    > > The linux machine is a web server running apache 1.3.6. Everything a
    > > CGI on the web server writes something to a file on the BSDI machine I
    > > get corrupted data. Random numbers garbage etc.
    > >
    > > Please someone help me out here everything else seems ok.
    > Can you get some tcpdumps including the NFS commands. I certainly don't know of
    > any case where you would expect to get that kind of corruption over NFS. We
    > probably have a couple of corner cases where we handle stuff like opening a file
    > then renaming it slightly inexactly or something but not plain wholesale not
    > working.
    > Alan

    Apr 6 12:54:25 reality kernel: RPC: garbage, retrying 4207
    Apr 6 12:54:25 reality kernel: call_verify: server accept status: 5
    Apr 6 12:54:25 reality kernel: RPC: garbage, exit EIO
    [tons of these].

    Aehm, the box is running unfsd-2.2beta38, both client and server are

    Why does the kernel interfere with unfsd in the first place??
    Seems as if I missed some part of the design...

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