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    SubjectRe: Vesafb & less on console Bug ?
    > I can't really help, but the TGA framebuffer on this Multia scrolls back
    > instantly and so does the Matroxfb on my G200 on my mainbox does the same.
    > So it might be something with the vesafb.
    > You might want to try the ypan or ywrap option and see if that helps much.

    vesafb uses _no_ acceleration for scrolling unless you boot with ypan or
    ywrap option. This might be the reason, becauce the CPU has alot of work
    in kernel mode if you are scrolling the consol...

    A native framebuffer driver like matroxfb is _way_ faster becauce in can
    use the accel engine for the scroll bitblits. vesafb can't...


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