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SubjectRe: GNU/Linux
    Isn't there an anti-spam policy for this list? Can't we disallow people who
grossly abuse it from further postings? I vote we do this. Meanwhile, to the
spammer, please go away.

The relationship between Linux and the system in which it is used is
pretty closely related to the central topic of this list. So calling
it off-topic is drawing a very sharp line. However, if that's what
people want, I won't bring up the subject here if others don't.

If people want to have a policy of banning people who bring up the
topic of that relationship, I hope that policy will be applied fairly.
I am confident that the people who manage the list would not apply
such a policy in a biased manner, based on which opinion a person

But instead of that, I recommend a more general rule that people
should be civil, no matter what the topic is, and never abuse or
personally attack any other participant.

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