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SubjectRE: /usr/src/linux/Documentation/Changes

Stupidity? Hardly. RPM is a technically inferior package format, and one
that I refuse to support. I myself am a debian user, and I do not except
anything central to the Linux OS to be distributed in the debian package
format. In fact, I prefer it not be distributed in any format other than a
tar'd, gzip'd file. To expect people to keep up with a silly package
format is absurd. I would hope you would see that. There is nothing in a
RPM that can't be done with a little scripting, and if you want things
automated, then feel free to do just that. However, if you decide you want
RPMs, you make damn well sure to include slackware packages, debian
packages, and whatever the fuck else all the myriad of distributions use,
because favoring one distribution over another is just going to screw us
all in the long run.

Most respectfully,
Landon Fuller
On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, Riley Williams wrote:

> Hi Alex.
> >> You just need to install the "rpm" commmand, in the same manner
> >> that you need to install "tar" and "gunzip" to deal with .tar.gz
> >> archives.
> > I am not prepared to do that. I will not fill up my system with
> > little used junk. This is my last word on the subject, rest
> > assured that I will never use RPM. Ever.
> Your choice, just don't blame everyone else for your stupidity.
> Best wishes from Riley.
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