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    I released now a new 2.2.5_arca6.bz2, it has the b_state = 0 fix in it,
    plus all my latest buffer.c stuff and it seems to have great VM
    performances (while using pine, and running `free` `ps xa` in xterms, and
    moving between windows I can't notice to be under 50mbyte of swapout,
    obviously read performances hurts under swap here simply because I have
    only one HD). The everything-stalls under heavy I/O seems gone.

    I suggest _everybody_ to try it out and to make comparisons. I suggest also
    to make a backup before rebooting, since I am playing with hot stuff and
    you will notice if I've done mistakes ;). Worked _fine_ here so far

    If you try it out it would be nice if you could produce some numbers and
    feedback, thanks!!

    Andrea Arcangeli

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