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SubjectRe: /usr/src/linux/Documentation/Changes
I also think that it's important not to use rpm for things that are
not redhat specific ... as in pieces of the kernel, general utils.

RPM is great ... I use it on my Redhat box. I don't use it on my
slackware box ... or my home-grown no distribution box. Can't.
It doesn't know what's installed. ( Yes, I know, I could override
dependencies ... but really, does that argue for it being an optimal
distribution format? )

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On Sun, 4 Apr 1999, Chris Ricker wrote:

> On Sun, 4 Apr 1999, Alex Buell wrote:
> > The 1.55 release:
> >
> >
> >
> > WHY IS THIS ONLY IN RPM FORMAT?! Please could we have a tarball of the
> > sources!! I am not downloading RPM just to get at the sources! (Yes, I
> > checked in the ftp server)
> First, FYI, rpm's do not require that you install rpm software. They're just
> cpio archives + a header. Use perl, ed, or whatever to strip off the
> header, then extract the cpio [1]. If you get the .src.rpm, the cpio should
> be a tarball of the original source, plus a patch file or two of Stephen's
> changes to actually make it work. Grab that, strip it, extract it, explode
> the tarball and apply the patches, and you should be set.
> Furthermore, don't you think you're being just a tad bit petulant? It's in
> RPM because the author (Stephen Tweedie, I think) chose to do it that way.
> "He who writes the code gets to make the rules." It's not like he posted it
> in rot-13, uuencoded, and then binhex4 or something absurd like that--rpm is
> a fairly standard Linux file format, particularly given that he's a RH
> employee.
> If my recollection is right, the quota package was at one point in the
> development cycle basically not being maintained (either the maintainer was
> swamped with other work, or MIA, or unknown, or whatever--the quota software
> is just a linux port of the *BSD quota stuff, so it's not even like there's
> a definite author per se). It also needed to be updated because it broke
> badly with quotas over 4 gigs. Stephen probably didn't want to become the
> maintainer, so he just added a patch to the rpm to provide support for
> larger quotas, and then was nice enough to put the package on his ftp site
> for everyone instead of just leaving it on for
> only Red Hat users to find.
> Since that time, somone else has started actively maintaining the quota
> package, and they've added some additional support to it that helps with
> quotas over knfs and such, so I've been meaning to update the Changes file
> to mention that. However, I've been having a really hard time getting
> patches accepted, so it hasn't gotten updated....
> Hit for the current package. I think it's up
> to 1.70, but 1.65 is really all you need, and only then if you're doing
> quotas over knfs. Otherwise, 1.55 is fine (either the unpatched if you
> don't have quotas for any users over 4 gig, or patched if you do).
> However, I think 1.70 fixes the problems that were discussed on bugtraq a
> while ago, so it might be worth getting for that reason as well. It's the
> version I use, anyway.
> > Finally, I think the Changes file should have each particular part of the
> > system attributed to a specific author so I can email them directly
> > instead of posting to the list.
> I'll keep it in mind for 2.3, if I bother to keep doing the Changes file.
> later,
> chris
> [1] has a perl script
> already written for you
> --
> Chris Ricker
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