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SubjectRe: `Out of memory for cc1' in linux-2.2.4
On Mon, 5 Apr 1999, Tom Holroyd wrote:

>On Sat, 3 Apr 1999, Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:
>>And while we're on the subject, is anybody else having VM problems able
>>to relate them to shared memory usage?
>Well, if I use Gimp (GIMP version 1.0.1) with the X shared memory
>extension (XFree86 Version on my Alpha PC164 then after a while X
>crashes.. If I use Gimp's --no-xshm option I can run it all day.

I think my messages 'stuck on TLB IPI wait' that occurr when out of memory
may be related. If I run 5 copies of a multi-threaded gimp on a 700kB JPEG
image and my machine will prematurely run out of memory and spew the
message above. With Linux 2.1.132 (highest I have tested so far, working
on it) I can use up all of my swap space and everything is happy even with
0kB swap free. Under 2.2.5 I typically lock solid at about 50 MB swap used
when those TLB IPI messages show up. SMP Pentium 233 MMX here. Haven't
tried --no-xshm but I'm more interested in figuring out why GIMP can bring
down the kernel than the X server crashing right now. As soon as I can
narrow down the kernel version I'll let you know.


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