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SubjectScreen corruption when switching from X to the console


I've seen some weird behaviour when switching from X to the console. I get
a white rectangle-shaped formation (it sometimes looks something like that
black and white "price code" they put on groceries) placed on my screen,
and it seams to be "above" all of the text. If I switch back to X it isn't
there however. If I wait for a while in X and then switch back to the console
it can either have moved to another spot on the screen or even vanished.

I saw this once before, but that was many month ago, but I haven't seen
it since then - until today.

Has anyone seen anything similair? If so, what's causing this? Can it be
an issue with my monitor? I doubt it myself since turning it off and
back on again doesn't make a differance, and when I enter X it isn't
there anymore.

A more detailed description can be provided on demand.

My video card is a Matrox Mystique 220.
Kernel 2.2.3
_Not_ using matroxfb

Any pointers of advice would be appreciated.

// André

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