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    SubjectRe: NFS and cached atime
    Miquel van Smoorenburg <> writes:

    > According to Trond Myklebust:
    > > (Miquel van Smoorenburg) writes:
    > > > Sounds like upon a read, the NFS client should update the atime on
    > > > the server even if the file was cached.
    > >
    > > This is all fairly easy to implement. I'd suggest just comparing the
    > > cached value of atime with the current time, and updating it in
    > > nfs_file_read if the discrepancy exceeds some timeout value.
    > I've checked BSDI 4.0 talking to a NetApp NFS server, and it behaves
    > the same as Linux; atime doesn't get updated.
    > > What are people's feelings about this?
    > I wonder about that too - what do other systems do ?

    DU4.0 does the same as we do (as of 2.2.7): it sends a 'getattr' that
    is used for cache revalidation upon opening of the file, and that's

    I haven't made a full investigation (perhaps people with Solaris, or
    SGI clients could check this out with a 'tcpdump') but my impression
    has been that read-caching implies that atime is not updated. This is
    why I've ignored earlier calls to do so.


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