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SubjectRe: NCR53C860 problem with kernel 2.2.5

On Sat, 3 Apr 1999, Shaw Carruthers wrote:

> Saw this today, completely destroyed a vfat partition on the disk:

> ncr53c860-0-<4,0>: phase change 2-3 6@0037ec45 resid=2.

The driver tells you that target 4 gives up COMMAND PHASE (2) and switched
to STATUS PHASE (3) without having accepted the last 2 bytes of the


> ncr53c860-0-<4,0>: phase change 2-7 10@0037ee45 resid=4.

Same here but the device switched to MESSAGE IN PHASE and just discards 4
bytes of the command.

> Apr 3 15:50:10 shawc kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device
> Apr 3 15:50:10 shawc kernel: 08:06: rw=0, want=713034562, limit=704907

Now the kernel complains about some attempt to read outside of a partition
or a device.

[ ... ]

> At the time I was copying files from an IDE tape to the partition.

If you didn't experience similar problem before, it is perhaps the thing
that messed up the PCI BUS, the SCSI sub-system or the kernel. It seems to
me that your NCR53C860 has been victimized by some serious problem on your
system. The following cause could be investigated:

- PCI BUS problem due to broken chip-set of misconfiguration.
- Memory problem that affects DMA from the PCI BUS.
- Kernel or driver bug outside the ncr driver that makes some garbaged
command go to the SCSI device.
- vfat inconsistency problem that confused the kernel vfat code, or some
bug in the kernel vfat code that has been triggered.


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