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    SubjectRH6.0, dmabuf=1, rmmod, cron, ...
    Hi there. Just upgraded RH5.2 to RH6.0 and changed the kernel from 2.2.6
    to 2.2.7 while at it. Everything seemed fine except playing sound was
    horrible. I couldn't interact at all without the sound distorting.

    First I thought this was .7's fault since .6 had worked flawlessly for
    me. Than I remembered that I used to run .6 with RH5.2 -- I began to dig
    around and found in my logs that the sound driver had been installed
    several times since system startup.

    Further investigation revealed that in RH6.0 the unused modules get
    rmmod'ed by cron(*). So dmabuf=1 has no real effect(**).

    Just thought I let you know before people begin to rant 2.2.7 and to
    save someone the need to do unnecessary debugging.

    BTW, is there a way to exclude specific modules from being autocleaned
    by rmmod -as, e.g. in /etc/conf.mofules?

    * /etc/cron.d/kmod
    ** unless you are using sound constantly

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