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SubjectRe: How to make Linux scale up WRT bandwidth and size?
> On 29-Apr-99 David Kastrup wrote:
> > File size: the ext2 file system tops out at 2GB file size, which is
> > sufficient only for very short sequences (about two minutes).
> > Something like 10GB would be more appropriate. For handling of the
> > sequences *after* recording at the latest, we need to put them on
> > files. Partitions are not flexible enough. So probably we need to
> > use a non-native file system for this, like NTFS.
> The limit is in the VFS layer on 32-bit CPUs, so switching filesystems won't
> help. Ext2 and the VFS do support large files on 64 bit CPUs, so you're in
> luck.

If you want to exceed 2G at your 32-bit system, you may want to try
my 'Large File Summit' patches for the Linux:

However that is not yet fully aligned with glibc 2.1.(1)'s ideas about
stat64(). I try to do that before the upcoming Linux Expo.

> J

/Matti Aarnio <>

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