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SubjectRe: 48 day uptime problem?
> Unix, AIX and perhaps others). Hosts running Linux 2.2.1 or Irix
> do respond to ping, but telnet, rsh, ftp, imap no longer work: it
> just says "Connected to ..." and hangs there. Vice versa, a Linux
> 2.2.1 machine can no longer telnet into this one -- but an Irix
> machine can telnet in, only telnetting out is blocked.
> The first time this happened, 6 days ago, I tried manually
> restarting all network services, inetd, etc. It didn't work.
> Eventually a reboot cured the problem. Now the identical problem
> has cropped up on another machine with a near-identical
> configuration and same kernel. In both cases it was after
> exactly 48 days of uptime. Since all other services were manually
> restarted I think it's a kernel problem.
> Has this been seen before, and is it fixed in the newer kernels?

No but I can't tell you what it is straight off. The Alpha timers run
at 1KHz so 48 days is 2^32 ticks of time. The alpha also uses a 64bit
value for the time counter. Someone has dropped it into 32bits in error
causing the problem. Probably the tcp/ip code

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