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SubjectRe: select()/socket has problems under 2.2.x.
Date sent:      	Tue, 09 Mar 1999 00:43:41 -0500
From: Kris Karas <>
To: Andi Kleen <>
Copies to: Alan Cox <>, Andrea Arcangeli <>,,,
Subject: Re: select()/socket has problems under 2.2.x.

> Andi Kleen wrote:
> > Alan writes:
> > > Umm not quite. We always have to honour the _ack_ data provided
> >
> > It could be nice though to send an ack when out of order data arrived, even
> > when the data is dropped (to kick fast retransmit on the other side and to
> > get the window update there).
> Speaking of which... Could this (an out-of-order condition) be the cause of the
> dropped packets on the sending side which I have seen? I.e. one portion assuming
> this can't happen so not cleaning up, but another portion of the substrate
> reordering, perhaps as the result of MRU/MTU (over PPP) not being easily
> divisible into the internal size of SKB's and such? This is not an educted
> guess, just a random musing. But the problem is real.
> For DaveM and other folks who have not heard my reports of this before, a quick
> recap:
> I have demonstrated with simultaneous tcpdump output from both ends of a Linux
> 2.2 <--> Linux 2.2 connection that under certain circumstances (large
> transport-layer latency with sender perceiving shrunk window sizes as a result of
> delays in getting acks back to sender) the sender will simply forget to send a
> particular packet. Repeated acks from receiver get things going again, but not
> until (sometimes multi-second) latency lets those acks get though.
> The trivially-reproducible test case is when both boxes communicate using ppp0
> via error-correcting modems. Verbose byte-level dumps of the ppp/lcp packets
> shows no loss or misframing of bytes/packets due to serial errors; this is
> confirmed by tcpdump on the sending side, which clearly shows lost packets before
> they ever go out over the interface (or wherever tcpdump hooks into the layer).
> Throughput is roughly 50% or slightly better with 36Kb modems (for example).

So this might be the problem which causes Linux to have horrible
throughput via modem. Any fix available.

Best Regards
Kari Laine

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