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    SubjectRe: Limit of 6 IDE interfaces?
    On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, George Bonser wrote:
    > On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Gregory Maxwell wrote:
    > > On Sun, 18 Apr 1999, George Bonser wrote:
    > > [4x4 ides]
    > > > One limit is likely going to be available IRQ's in the system.
    > > Not really.. Each controler will only take one..
    > Right. But the information given in the original post did not specify what
    > additional devices were in the system. It is easy to run out with a PC.

    Original poster : me.

    Let me ask the question again, as clearly as possible, since it seems
    everyone has either ignored the question completely, or completely
    misunderstood it, and given answers completely unrelated to the original

    Is it possible, with any combination of hardware in the entire world,
    to run more than 6 ide channels in a system. And if not, is it a
    limitation of the ide driver or a limitation of PC architecture.

    When I say 6 ide channels, I do not mean 6 ide drives. I mean 6 ide
    *channels*, where an ide channel is a connector with master and slave.

    One can easily put 3 Promise Ultra33 PCI cards in a PC. Combined with
    onboard controller (say, VIA VP3 or Intel 440BX), this would give you 8
    ide channels. That means : 2 channels on the motherboard, and 6 channels
    on PCI cards (2 channels per Promise Ultra33 card).

    What is preventing the use of all 8 channels? (Besides the missing major
    device numbers)


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