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    SubjectRE: FAQ: Re: Can't use my pararell port /dev/lp1 -can't print 2.
    Sorry to disturb you again with silly problems...

    on 02-Apr-99 Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
    >>It doesn't matter if kerneld is running or not. It is the same story.
    > kerneld _must_ not run because it's not needed anymore with 2.2.x.
    Well, then I've got somethings wrong going on because without kerneld my ppp
    doesn't start at all automatically. Only if I modprobe it.
    So why can't I get kmod working? Kmod is not a deamon, is it? If it is where
    can I get it. I found some kmod.c in the source. (I conf.ed to use kmod!)

    >>I only have one printer and only one parport. It's lp1 (0x378).
    > Now it's lp0 (0x378) ;).
    Why? I've got my parport on 0x378.
    From linux/Documentation/devices.txt :
    6 char Parallel printer device
    0 = /dev/lp0 First parallel printer (0x3bc)
    1 = /dev/lp1 Second parallel printer (0x378)
    2 = /dev/lp2 Third parallel printer (0x278)

    Not all computers have the 0x3bc parallel port; hence
    the "first" printer may be either /dev/lp0 or
    /dev/lp1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    At the end I could get it run and I still got my priter on lp1

    Anyway, than you all for the fast answers.
    Before sending you my mail I have! read linux/Documentation/parport.txt,
    devices.txt. I haven't read Changes.txt. I have made those changes to
    But that was not the source of the problem. Now I can print and use my parport
    on lp1, 0x378. irq7
    It is interesting that I am using lp without parport.
    after modprobe lp lsmod only shows lp 2 0. No parports at all.
    But I can print now normally. Is it normal?
    Problems with kmod: if I don't load kerneld for example ppp doesn't load
    automatically when I want to ip-up.
    Before modprobing lp I try to generate auto load lp and stuff but it didn't
    happen. So what's now?
    Would you be so kind as to help me?
    I've got pgcc 1.1.1 amd k6 233, rh5.2.

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