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SubjectRe: K6-2, Stepping 12, MTRR in 2.2.6
On 18 Apr, Vasilios Hoffman spewed forth:
:: look at the documentation that comes with the linux kernel
:: (Documentation/mtrr I think), it tells you to echo a line to /proc/mtrr
:: basically you find the start of the linear framebuffer for your graphics
:: card (told to you when you run startx or xdm) and pass that information
:: along with the size of your graphics memory to /proc/mtrr and tell
:: /proc/mtrr that it's write combining (the reason for mtrr support,
:: mainly).
:: With an AMD you may still need Alan Cox's mtrr patch, or 2.2.6ac1 which
:: should include the mtrr support for AMD chips. Cutting Edge says 2.2.6
:: has support for MTRR but that may be pentium only <shrug>.
:: For me, the command I run looks like this (millenium G200 SGRAM, 8megs):
:: echo "base=0xe8000000 size=0x800000 type=write-combining" > /proc/mtrr
:: and all is well :)
:: Good luck,
:: -V

I try that, but it keeps telling me permission denied. I've even tried
touch and vi, and it won't let me create the file (this is as root, of
course). I guess I could try the ac tree, but I really prefer to stick
with 'official' releases--it makes upgrading much easier (e.g., manual
patch correcting is not my forte).

Matthew Vanecek
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