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SubjectRe: caps in elf headers: use the sticky bit!
David Lang <> writes:

> The suggestion that was made to allow different implementations of the
> "capabilitys exist for this file" bit for different filesystems sounded
> like it was on the right track, it allows for filesystem support where it
> is feasable, and allows for workarounds to be implemented for other
> filesystems without having to change the entire filesystem. When the NFS
> client is modified to use the sticky bit as the caps bit it should get the
> squash_sticky default as well. That keeps things secure by default but
> allows for exceptions to be made as the administrators of a particular
> site deem it nessasary.

Please check out the draft of NFSv4, on the new getattr
features should offer improved support for what you propose without
the need for any linux-specific hacks...


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