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SubjectRe: setuids() like setgroups() ?
In article <>,
Alan Cox <> wrote:
>> However, this is very non-standard and the cances of this getting
>> implemented are very low, I guess. The reason I am asking this is that
>> I am considering hacking Apache and the kernel for UID swtching -
>> wondering if it should be a quick&dirty local hack, or something reasonably
>> clean so I can try to get it integrated into Linux and Apache.
>How do you solve pid reuse ?

PID reuse? The task struct would just contain a struct switchuid * with
all the valid uid/gid pairs. Probably inherited on fork, not on exec.

>> Aha, that would be SCM_SETCREDENTIALS ? I'm curious about this. It
>> seems to be the easiest (and most probable) solution for now.
>Yes. Exactly - it then means that a client can for example pass a request
>to a server along with the right for the server to assume its identity. And
>vice versa the client can ask the server "I want to become fred = auth is .."
>and have the server return "no" or "yes - auth sent"

Does any existing OS already implement this so I can read the manpages
or the source code, or would this be a Linux-specific extension. And
what would the proper name actually be - SCM_SETCREDENTIALS ?

Yes I've seached using Altavista, Hotbot and Dejanews but couldn't
find anything on the subject

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