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    SubjectRe: caps in elf, next itteration (the hack get's bigger)
    Richard Gooch <> said:


    > This to me is one of the real blind-spots of some people who are
    > pushing capabilities. There is absolutely no need to remove the
    > privileges of the root account. By default root has all capabilities.

    The whole idea of capabilities is to get rid of all-powerful users, to
    split the root powers among several people where _nobody_ has all
    powers. Any scheme that keeps a root of some sort is broken.


    > Capabilities are a good thing, as they give more flexibility. But
    > there simply is no need to cripple root.

    Then give root all capabilities. "To cripple root", as you call it, is not
    _needed_, but it is essential to be _able to do it_, else you can get just
    a fraction of the security benefits out of this scheme.

    Yet again: A pure capability system just has no "root". It is quite a
    different type of beast as the Unix systems we all are accustomed to.
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