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SubjectRe: Linux TCP Fixing everyones problems? WAS(Re: TCP push sometimes missing under 2.2.5?
At 06:36 AM 4/13/99 -0400, jamal wrote:
>cw> So why put in the fix? Are we actually doing anything wrong? And as
>cw> you point out, the register pressure might not be a good thing
>cw> considering how many register the x86 has...
>I have never understood the logic behind some of the fixes that seem to go
>into the kernel TCP code. Some OS fucks up by either not conforming to
>the standards (Sunos was the last one i remember being discussed here) or
>by doing something unusual as in this case with the Push -- and a fix
>comes around for it in Linux, and it seems OK for it to go into the
>kernel. Should these fixes be put on some unofficial patch web page
>somewhere like Why in hell should i be
>running a few extra opcodes per TCP packet (in the fast path of all
>places) when i dont talk to Apples?

Because Linux is bigger than the tiny little world you live in. Its an OS,
and it
has to WORK in the real world, outside of classrooms and your little network.
You cant say "were not gonna put it in because SUN is doing it wrong", because
sun isnt going away and comm managers are too stupid to understand.

I spend half my time doing workarounds for connecting to ciscos, because
they do
almost everything wrong. You can't say "ciscos are broken so im not gonna
fix it".
Its part of the public experience.

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