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SubjectRe: Static Swap wrote:
> Hi everyone ,
> I wanted to know wether linux can instead of having a static
> size swap have a dynamic size swap . That is if there is disk space
> available that is there is no valid data , that could be used for swap .
> Static swap also has a problem that when I increase my ram the swap also
> has to be increased for faster performance but cant be done because the
> partitions are all made . I want to know wether any attempts are being
> made along this front . I am an enthusiastic programmer and would like to
> contribute for the above . Please mail me as I am not a member of this
> group .
> Pramod .

If you need more swap space you can always swap to a file instead of a
partition. The priority can be set so that it uses the swap partition
first, then the swap file(s) for better performance. IMHO, if you have
unused space (non-partitioned) left on your hard disk, it is just being


Brian Gerst

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