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SubjectI have information/driver source for winmodem's (no Joke)
I am re-writing this for many reasons. mostly because of some
mis-information of the winmodem's that some people responded with. and I
failed to inform the right people that I have the information. and what
information I actually have.

Here is the thing the winmodem style modem is not actually a windows modem
but a modem that is missing critual hardware to be considered a modem there
is only 2 parts of windows that supports the winmodem 1 its multitasking(or
sort of) and 2 companies have little encouragement to write for other
operating systems. the greator numbers of phone-line modem users use windows
version something.

there are no AT commands for any of the lucent modems! so having the
commands programmed elseware doesnot help. the commands are proprietary.

Any one can distribute the binary code for the modems(at least viking the
only one that i speak for in legal terms although there are some that use
the same thing packaged as something else) the source code is protected and
requires a nda agreement of which i have signed. and any work must be
submitted to the company which I also will do.

The interface part of the drivers is the part I can not write. also there
were comments as to which programming language i should and should not use
well the one that the base drivers are written in is assembly for the intel
processor (the only chip the modems will work with) however if i found that
any one had responded i would have replied with a comment like "i have the
internal hardware IO source in assembly and i can not share it in source
code either electronically or printed but i can program that part" but i got
a lot of replies so i am replying in as much detale as i can.

I do have source/documantation for the full driver including all the windows
insertion commands which have no barring on linux.

thanks for your replies and this is a good topic according to the replies i
got either on the list or thru private email so it does not have to die yet.

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