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    SubjectRe: OFFTOPIC: New MBR and partitioning standard?
    Taral wrote:
    > Why wait for general acceptance? An extension of this sort can be implemented
    > OS-by-OS, with non-compatible OS's using the old extended partition system.
    > Just put some kind of checksum and magic number in the extended MBR area :)

    A main point to this is better multiple OS interoperabilty. This is
    not specifically about better use by Linux.

    Example, and what finally got me to post this request:

    BOOT partition. After having had it wiped out so much and dealing with 'too far
    down the disk' bios retardation, I finally put boot managers, kernels, etc in
    a small partition at the beginning of the disk.

    DOS partition. For some reason I seem to need this time to time.

    NT partition. After fighting with the fucking thing I finally gave it a primary
    since it has a tendency to not boot when in a logical.

    Extended logical. And all my ext2 partitions.

    Solaris. NO ROOM. It needs a primary.
    FreeBSD. NO ROOM. It needs a primary.
    etc, etc.

    To clarifiy, understand that only a primary is a 'real' partition. An extended
    DOS partition, is no different then UFS. IE a primary that is logically

    When you create a logically subdivided partition, the entired area it
    occupies is locked only for logical use. Any space freed up (unless at the very
    end) can not be reallocted to another primary. Thus dealing only in primary
    partitions is a much more flexable and efficient when it comes to changing
    partitions on a 'live' machine.

    Ideally we could start from scratch, rewrite the BIOS, and standardize the
    allocation of small for all partitioning and boot managment. We would then
    have...a workstation. : >

    But the idea is to come up with SOMETHING that is easy to code, and slips
    into most system will no effort, and that WILL BE adopted and implemented
    by yo-yo's like Microsoft.

    -- Linkscape Internet Services 732-541-4214 Linux Router Project

    At 19981216.11:59 Zulu, Mach 1 was broken with a 1.0080162GHz Dual CPU machine.
    I'm the Degenerate Overclocker that did it.

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