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    SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC] SPAM from SGI - Greetings! (fwd)
    "Mike A. Harris" wrote:
    > I just got spammed by SGI! I'll put money on it that I'm not the
    > only subscribed member of linux-kernel that got this SPAM posting
    > from SGI either. It's either from linux-kernel or from
    > apollo-list, and most likely the former.
    > It is an insult to me to receive a mass mailing obviously
    > directed towards kernel hackers on the linux-kernel mailing list,
    > and grouped in with everyone like a McDonalds burger statistic.

    A quick check of the headers on the two copies that I received
    reveal that linux-kernel was not being used to expand the message.

    Received: from ( [])
    (980327.SGI.8.8.8-aspam/980304.SGI-aspam: SGI does not
    authorize the use of its proprietary systems
    or networks for unsolicited or bulk email from the Internet.)
    via ESMTP id QAA08010 for
    <>; Mon, 8 Mar 1999
    16:54:43 -0500 (EST) mail_from

    This header show that the message was headed for me directly
    from an internal SGI system. My personal guess is that they
    collected the names of all the people who posted to linux-kernel
    and mailed them. They probably merged in the linux CREDITS
    file and then forgot to remove duplicates.

    Philip Gladstone +1 781 530 2461
    Axent Technologies, Waltham, MA[unhandled content-type:application/x-pkcs7-signature]
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