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    Subject2.0.36: ip_masqurade and stealth scan DoS

    We have a problem with ip_masqurading set up as a firewall. When someone
    runs a stealth scan from the masquraded net to the outside net, it will
    very fast consume all available masqurade ports. The result is a nasty
    DoS for all adresses on the masquraded net.

    Is there any possibly limit on masqurade ports per source adress?
    This would effectively stop the scan, and limit the DoS to the offender

    I guess this problem also affects 2.2 kernels as well.

    Is there anyone else that has been hit by this problem?

    Best Regards

    Daniel Ryde, System Administrator
    Tripnet AB Visit Address: Telephone: +46 31 7252500
    Box 5071 Avagen 42 Facsimile: +46 31 7252501
    S-402 22 GOTEBORG GOTEBORG Email:
    Sweden Sweden

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