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    SubjectRe: eth-Devices and naming wishes
    In ka.lists.linux.kernel, Riley Williams <rhw@BigFoot.Com> wrote:
    > > However, it seems that I can't control which ethx alias will be
    > > associated with the trusted network because both cards are PCI
    > > and their resource assignments are controlled by the system
    > > BIOS. Thus, I will have to jump through hoops to take care of
    > > this in every init and maintenance script which will prove a
    > > major pain and source of problems.
    >In my experience, for any particular pair of PCI NE2K cards, the BIOS
    >will always allocate them the same way round, so if a particular card
    >appears first on one occasion relative to a particular second card,
    >then it will always appear first relative to that particular second

    Yes, but this is board and bios dependent. If you do a BIOS update or
    get a new board, the order can change.

    >I don't believe what you're asking actually exists,


    >but you could try
    >something like using the following bash script from your scripts:

    <code snipped>

    Thanks, that's about what I planned to do. But it surely is clumsy and
    could be solved elegantly with "true" aliases.


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