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SubjectRe: Cyrix cooling (AMD cooling actually, somewhat OT)

I'm getting unreliable behavior on my system (AMDK6-2/400, ASUS P5A MB,
128MB PC-100 RAM). I picked it up a month ago, and it's a *heck* of a lot
faster than my old 486 ( :-> ), but now I'm getting sig11's and such while
compiling the kernel. Actually, I've gotten sig11's, sig4's (illegal
instruction), and odd corruption in the file cache (DEVICE becoming
DtVICE, etc.). This only happens when I do repeated kernel compiles, or a
kernel compile with an MP3 playing and a xaos fractal zoom, or something
like that. Basically under heavy load.

The motherboard has temperature sensors for the case temp and the CPU
temp, and according to those numbers the CPU isn't getting too hot. It's
supposed to be rated to 60 degress celsius, and the motherboard sensor has
never gotten over 45 degrees (in Windows - in Linux it's never topped 40.)
Of course, that sensor's on the bottom of the chip, not the top where the
temperature rating applies. Can there be a 15 degree difference between
the top and bottom of the chip? Anyway, the temperature inside the case
never has gotten past 28 degrees.

It turns out that AMD doesn't recommend the model of CPU fan they sold
me; it's only rated for 380MHz and below. I made sure to install it with
heat transfer compound, and the airflow through the case seems good, but

One thing - the ATX power supply fan blows *out*, not in - that doesn't
seem to be spec. I added a second case fan, no change in the symptoms.
Then I dropped the speed of my SCSI bus from 10MHz to 5MHz - no change.

So, I figure since it's easy, I'll swap out the DIMM and see if that
fixes things. But I suspect I'm going to need either a new CPU or an
industrial-strength CPU fan. Anyone have any other advice or experience to


Ray Ingles (248) 377-7735

"Monkeys would be harder on equipment than college students,
but only because they're stronger." - Jim Ingles

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