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    SubjectRe: SCSI access creating lost time
    > It's not coincidence.  Both of you have polling based SCSI controllers
    > where the drivers sit in tight loops waiting for things to happen inside
    > of a spin_lock_irqsave(). There's nothing intelligent that can be done
    > until the locking in the drivers/mid-level SCSI code is redone except
    > switching to a SCSI controller/driver combo that doesn't spin wait for
    > things like individual bytes on the SCSI bus.

    You drop the lock. In fact a lot drivers already do drop the lock, and
    in fact have to drop the lock because of the way they work. If the lock
    is unsafe when dropped that way then the entire mid layer scsi code needs
    fixing in 2.2, which is going to suck


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