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    SubjectRe: Parition Slices ( waqs Re: OFFTOPIC: New MBR and partitioning standard? )
    On Sat, 6 Mar 1999, Adam Sulmicki wrote:
    > That reminds me. Now that Linux supports more and more parition schemes,
    > I think it is time to "upgrade" the way linux deals with "sub-paritions".

    Already done. See Richard Gooch's work on 'devfs', which adopted a naming
    scheme much like you're suggesting, but with quite a bit of user feedback,
    and quite a bit more flexibility that the nearest competition (Solaris).

    Many of us are happily using this system in the real world, mainly because
    of it's other benefits (autoconfiguration of /dev, elimination of major
    and minor numbers, etc). Quite nice.

    Edward S. Marshall <> [ What goes up, must come down. ] [ Ask any system administrator. ]

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