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SubjectParition Slices ( waqs Re: OFFTOPIC: New MBR and partitioning standard? )

That reminds me. Now that Linux supports more and more parition schemes,
I think it is time to "upgrade" the way linux deals with "sub-paritions".

Currnetly first four paritions happen to get something like:

hda1, hda2, hda3, had4

If there are exended paritions, they get numbers

hda5,hda6,hda7 etc..

The problem:
If in the above example the exended partition was hda3,
and then I add an 2nd exended parition on hda2, then
all numbers hda5,hda6,hda7 will now denote different

You don't even have to add new parition, it is just
enough that you have bsd-style paritition on hda2, and
that you use kernels with and without support for
bsd-paritions. The number for suppartitions will jump
wildly depending on which kernel you boot.

Thus, I think this naming sheme is brain-dead.

The Solution:
Solaris-like naming sheme.
Primary Paritions are :


If we have any extended paritions, say we converted the
4nd parition to bsd-style extended parition, then they would be:

hda4a,hda4b,hda4c etc...

now if we change 2nd partition to dos-extended parition,

then they would become:


and the last parition would remain UNCHANGED.

I think first there would be neededa patch for kernel, then
other utils could be converted to deal with this new scheme.

Comments? Suggestions? I'll-do-that?


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