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SubjectRe: OFFTOPIC: New MBR and partitioning standard?
On Sat, 06 Mar 1999, Dave Cinege wrote:
>Isn't it about time the x86 platform supported more then 4 'real' partitions?
>I'm getting really sick of this limitation and was thinking of sitting down
>with some peers, drafting a new extended MBR standard, then submitting it OS
>For instance, the first partition is (generally) started on the 65th sector.
>That leaves 63 512byte sectors that are always free. Why not extend the normal
>partition entires say 16 sectors (== about 512 16byte partition entires),
>and reserve the remaining sectors for extended MBR code? (IE the code in
>sector 0, hops to sector 18)

Why wait for general acceptance? An extension of this sort can be implemented
OS-by-OS, with non-compatible OS's using the old extended partition system.
Just put some kind of checksum and magic number in the extended MBR area :)


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