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Subjectkernel 2.2.2 and LINKSYS ETHERFAST 10/100, with tulip driver
As someone suggested before to load the normal de4x5 driver as a
replacement for tulip driver...I did that but it woudlnt load, i think
this particular card only works with tulip. The weird thing about it is
that the network freezes when i upload a file (approx 40mb) to the linux
box at 70% of the transfer, and the freezing is random. While the network
is in that state and i telnet to the box it connects but it doesnt go to
the login prompt until i cancel the FTP transfer. The worst part about
this is that theres completly nothing in the syslog. If this is going to
continue i m going to go back to 2.0.36. Any suggestions?

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