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SubjectRe: glibc-2.1 upgrade headaches. Any ideas??
On Sun, 7 Mar 1999, Tom Eastep wrote:

# Alex wrote:
# >
# > I am having quite a problem with glibc-2.1. I am wondering if anyone has
# > encountered the following. I am running RedHat 5.2 with 2.2.1-ac6 kernel and I
# > upgraded my glibc-2.1. Upgrade went smooth without any errors.But now, when I want
# > to run menuconfig on linux-2.2.2 with ac-7, it is giving me a message:
# >
# > "There seems to be a problem with the lxdialog companion utility which is
# > built prior Menuconfig.
# You need to rebuild ncureses -- see the glibc 2.1 FAQ.
Sorry the intromision....but i downloaded glibc-2.1-0.99022 my
question here is if it's this version of glibc-2.1 that you are running or
you got to download the last version before gnu put it away from
pub/glibc ??? if so any of you know if the version i got is safe and have
no problems with 2.2.x kernels.....???

AAHH !! one last it okay to built the kernel wiht
egcs-1.1.1 ???

Thanks for your answers!!

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