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Subjectrecent buffer.c patch
just writing you to tell you that Andrea´s patch to buffer.c published
linux-kernel as a reaction to the "2.2.2. two major problems" thread is
the very first to resolve a big problem I was experiencing with all
2.2.x-whatever versions of the kernel and raid0145-v0.90. Prior to this
patch a "dd if=/dev/zero of=/raidmountpoint/testfile count=1000000"
would just break with "Bus Error" of "Out of Memory" after a few seconds
of operation. This patch completely resolves the problem. It also was
not present in 2.0.36 kernels.

Thank you for your efforts.

Looking forward to seeing this as standard in 2.2.3 :-)


p.S. Sorry for not replying directly to the thread but i haven't

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