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    Subject2.2.0: depmod sb.o: Device or resource busy

    On both Alpha and i386 architectures, i can no longer use the (creativ
    labs) soundcard.

    It used to be `modprobe sound' in 2.0.n, it seems to be `modprobe sb' in

    2.2.m now.

    What i get, is:

    $ modprobe -v sb
    /sbin/insmod -L /lib/modules/2.2.0/misc/soundcore.o
    /sbin/insmod -L /lib/modules/2.2.0/misc/sound.o
    /sbin/insmod -L /lib/modules/2.2.0/misc/uart401.o
    /sbin/insmod -L /lib/modules/2.2.0/misc/sb.o io=0x220 irq=7 dma16=5
    mpu_io=0x330 io=0x220 irq=7 dma16=5 mpu_io=0x330
    /lib/modules/2.2.0/misc/sb.o: init_module: Device or
    resource busy
    sound: Device or resource busy

    $ lsmod
    Module Size Used by
    uart401 5588 0
    sound 54408 0 [uart401]
    soundcore 2084 3 [sound]
    nfs 28264 6 (autoclean)
    lockd 27844 1 (autoclean) [nfs]
    sunrpc 47888 1 (autoclean) [nfs lockd]
    3c509 5280 1 (autoclean)

    Does anobody (Alan) know why there seems to be a device conflict? Is
    the uart401 module using
    sb's hardware?

    I believe i have a genuine soundblaster, both for i386 and alpha.


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