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SubjectRe: MOSIX and kernel mods.
    I don't see how anyone can see what they have done as an advantage for
themselves cause it sucks to be them.

To make this well-defined, you would need to specify which other
alternative is the basis for comparison. I am not sure, and therefore
I can't tell whether I agree with your statement, or what its
consequences it would be.

If you are trying to argue that no one will do things this way, I
think the facts show that some already do.

gone and changed the module
interface they will now have to spend the time making their patches work
for each and every kernal version or risk being outdated.

This is true. But we cannot expect this to deter companies. A
company that wishes to add proprietary features to the kernel, and
expects to make significant money from selling copies, will have no
trouble paying someone to adapt the patches to each successive kernel
release. This will not be a full-time job.

I was happy to see messages suggesting that non-free modules
are simply prohibited if the module interface has been modified.
This will have a real effect.

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