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SubjectSCSI device assignation?

I have a SCSI HD (id 1), a CD-ROM (id 2), cd CD-Writer (id 3), an external
Syquest EZ drive (id 4) and I have just bought an U2W HD (usine id 6).

I have installed linux (stampede, but doesn't matter here...) on the U2W
disk, with the EZ power off, I haven't modified the id of the U2W drive,
because I wanted to have the choice for latter adding SCSI stuff (at id 0,
5,6:changing the U2W to 8 or more) and for my problem, that do not change
anything for now...

I was thinking I could access my EZ under linux with echo "add single...
> /proc/scsi/scsi...

I was fault (I imagined that the EZ would become sdc...)!

What is the standard way for mixing together those id?

I have to say that I prefer HP-UX way of naming device (with the id in the
name of the device) (and the restriction that maybe there is a usefull way
under linux to do it?).


Gregoire Favre, Institut de Mathematique de l'Universite de Lausanne
+41 21 692 35 73,

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