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    SubjectRe: [patch] PIII/Katmai & FXSAVE support, disable serial-#, 2.2.
    On 04-Mar-99 Mailing lists wrote:
    > And I never buy PIII until
    > psn will be removed at all. I don't thrust Intel. I don't thrust that
    > once disabled this psn possibility can't be reenabled in some (may be
    > undocumented) way.

    who would use such undocumented way?
    one of the big software developers perhaps?
    for example oracle to pick someone at random without meaning any offence
    if that were the case then it wouldn't remain a secret for very long, now would it?
    it would also have to be done in un-priviledged mode (or else it would have to go
    into the kernel for all to see) or be a binary-only module (alarm bells ringing)

    please explain the flaws in this logic?

    now on the other hand - if you're running a closed source OS...
    Simon Kenyon

    irial limited
    10 Castle Avenue tel:+353-1-8530624
    Clontarf gsm:+353-87-2805470
    Dublin 3

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