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SubjectRe: which pci sound card does not have dropouts under load
> As stated in a previous mail I have problems when
> playing wav files with my sb 16 vibra:
> I get dropouts when the system is under some load.

Dropouts is a different matter to the DMA problem. If you are loading
the module early using dmabuf=1 as a sound option you shouldnt see this
unless you also see it in 2.0

> I found in Alan's diary that he is working on a driver for
> an ESS Maestro sound card. Unfortunate when I ask in a
> shop for this card they state that the card is not produced/sold
> any more.

The Maestro series of cards are OK. I wouldn't recommend them as the
run out and buy it card because its now outdated (sound cards are currently
going through what video cards did 2 years ago, obsolete by the time they
solder it to the board).

Trident are currently about to contribute a GPL'd driver to the ALSA project.
That will be the first good vendor provided PCI sound driver for a 'current'
sound card if so. If they have now contributed it, it is GPL and all the
promises have been met then I would recommend you look at the ALSA list and
the cards that new PCI driver supports.

If you wait another year my guess is the PCI sound card will be mostly dead
for consumer applications, killed by USB sound. USB sound is an open standard
for most stuff, its freely downloadable and the USB project could do with
more people working on it BTW 8)


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