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SubjectRe: 2.2.2 two major problems
> #1 - Had to rebuild a RAID array 3x8G raid5 set.  mke2fs causes entire
> operating system to hang due to "out of memory" condition (I've got 128Meg
> in the machine). Looks like the attempted fixes in inode.c are not
> successful yet in flushing the buffers. Got it to finally work by reducing
> the RAID to 3x6G, and using 16384 for the bytes-per-inode -- this could've
> been a show stopper (my RAID had failed).

Ok they've been working for pretty much everyone. Congratulations on finding
a torture test. Now the question is what the pattern is. Fast CPU's probably.
I actually built a 72Gig array on a 486/33 testing 2.2.2 fixes. [They had
their disk array back again now I am sad 8)].

> #2 - 2.2.2 breaks CONFIG_FILTER (won't compile with this option) -- this
> means I can't upgrade one of my machines (DHCP server requires

Pick up the fix from the list, its a couple of weeks old

> When can we hope to have 2.2.3 with these important fixes?? Even a
> pre-patch release would be welcome (which I generally avoid). The above two

Linus puts out pre-patches so that you can find things like this.

> problems would be extremely embarassing for the Linux community to be on
> thousands of CDROMs.
> I don't want to change over to the ac kernel series but I'm really
> disappointed to see that work has apparently stopped for the moment on the
> main Linux branch. ________________________________________

"apparently" is the word. Linus has been trading NFS patches with people
yesterday and doing his smoke, rock music and all the rest backed presentation
to the suits at LinuxWorld "Comdex the next generation". I'm sure he'll be
back 8)


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