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SubjectRe: EXT2_UNRM_FL
   Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999 10:26:46 +1100
From: Richard Gooch <>

(d) why not do it in userspace anyway? I did that years ago, although
I "moved" files to /tmp, but it would be easy enough to move to a
garbage/$LOGNAME directory on the same FS.

Absolutely, agreed. As I said earlier, there are plenty of user-space
"rm" replacements, and doing it in the kernel is almost certainly not
worth the pain.

It might be worth it for the kernel to add a wakeup to the undelete
daemon telling it that space is low and it should remove some of the
deleted files, but I'd want to see how well a strategy of polling every
minute works (or doesn't work) before deciding whether the extra kernel
bloat was worth it.

- Ted

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